A100 V1- Universal Counter


The A100 – V1 Universal counter is a five digit Up / Down counter. A Feather touch keyboard is provided for settings and display.

Salient Features

  • Five digit Up / Down Counter.
  • Can be used with Simplex, Drawing, Blow room, Comber, Carding, Spinning, TFO and Weaving machines.
  • It can also be used in other machines like Reeling, Warping etc.
  • Pre set and Final set facility.
  • TPI / TPM setting facility is provided for TFO & Spinning
  • Automatic Shift changing facility.
  • Spindle speed, doffer–speed, cylinder speed (speed in rpm) are displayed.
  • Lickerin speed setting facility is provided for carding.

1. Delivery rate, hanks (shiftwise and total), down time (shift and total), Doff, runtime, length in meters and speed can be viewed.

2. Can be connected with computer.

3. Auto/Manual doffing.

Technical Specifications

ParameterA100 V1- Universal Counter
Auxiliary supply220V AC + 20% , 50Hz.
Outputs2 relay outputs.
Relay outputContact rating -> 1 Amp at 220V AC.
C-NO-NC potential free contacts.
Display6 Digits, High brightness 7 – segment LED’s.
Panel cut out122mm X 86mm
Overall Dimensionmm (W) X 84mm (H) X 135mm (D)
Instrument weight1.4 Kg.


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