Electronic Ribbon Breaker for cone Winding Machine


Indus Electronic Ribbon Breaker is designed with maximum care utilizing the latest technique in electronic circuits with individual Thyristors.

“INDUS” Electronic Ribbon Breaker consists of

  • Thyristorised Ribbon Breaker circuit.
  • MCB protection.
  • Provision to connect motors with suitable O / L Relays (For Details of 2 & 3
  • Please refer page no. :13)
  • Electronic single phasing preventor.


i. Electronic Ribbon Breaker unit
ii. One set of cam-lock key

Salient Features

  • Electronic Ribbon Breakers
  • Fully solid state
  • No moving parts
  • Pulse / min and off time adjustments
  • Phase matching
  • Reduces motor current kicks
  • Single phasing prevention saves motor
  • Highly reliable
  • Customers can easily services at site

Model : RB – 1

Electronic Ribbon Breaker Unit

  • MCB Protection
  • Electronic single phasing preventor

Model : RB – 2

Ribbon Breaker Unit with items 1, 2 as above

  • Two ON – OFF push Buttons for two motors
  • Two Contactors for two motors of 5 H. P each with suitable over load relays

Model : RB – 5

Ribbon Breaker Unit with items 1,2,3,4 as above

  • One set of ON – OFF Push Buttons
  • Contactors to connect with blower Motor of 3 H. P. (Max) with Suitable overload relay

Technical Specifications

ParameterElectronic Ribbon Breaker
Supply voltage 3 phase 415V AC + 10% - 15%
Supply Frequency 50 Hz + 2%
Max. Load to be AppliedModel ERB RB-2 - 10 H.P.
Dimension (in mm) 430 (W) x 325 (H) x 170 (D)
Pulses per minute 50 pulses / min. (Max)
OFF time control 0.0 sec. to 2.5 sec. (Max)


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