IVJ – 1 Production Counter


The IVJ – 1A counter is designed and developed exclusively for all type of Two for one Twister machines. The counter displays

Salient Feature

  • Spindle speed
  • Delivery rate in metres/minute
  • Twist per Inch (TPI)
  • Twist per metre (TPM)
  • Hank – Shift wise (3 shifts)
  • Hank – Total and
  • Run time

The counter can be programmed to work with different types of Two for One Twister machines. A real time clock is provided to monitor the shift change times. The parameter and the real time clock settings are protected by password facility.

Technical Specifications

ParameterProduction Counters
Input supply220V AC + 20% , 50 Hz.
Display5 Digits, High brightness 7 – segment LEDs.
Panel cutout(W) 90mm x (H) 90mm
Panel cut out90mm X 90 mm
Overall Dimension96mm(L) X 96mm(H) X 122mm(D)
Instrument weight800 g.


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