Maximum Demand Controller- H6


The Maximum Demand Controller can be used in HT and LT systems. Maximum Demand can be monitored and can be controlled within the contracted demand. Demand Control can be selected in KVA or KW. An alarm and three level trip signals are generated when the demand level exceeds the set level.


  • True RMS measurement.
  • Three phase voltage (Line and Phase), Three phase current, Frequency, Real Power – KW (Phasewise and Total), Apparent Power – KVA (Phasewise and Total), Reactive Po wer – KVAR (Phasewise and Total), Power factor (Phasewise and total), Average PF, Real Energy – K WHR, Apparent Energy – KVAHR, Reactive Energy – KVARHR, EB Integ demand, Peak demand (With time & date) can be monitored.
  • Can be used in 3 Phase – 3 Wire or 3 Phase – 4 Wire systems.
  • Demand control can be selected in either Fixed interval technique or Sliding window technique.
  • KW or KVA can be selected for demand control.
  • Programmable Time Slots (Slot).
  • Real and Apparent Energies can be monitored for each Slots.
  • Automatic Slot changeover as per the time settings.
  • Programmable Power holiday.
  • Automatic Power holiday changeover as per the time settings.
  • Password protection to avoid unauthorized settings.
  • Low PF monitoring and Alarm indication for each Slots.
  • Set demand, PT and CT programmable at site.
  • Built-in diagnostic feature to detect CT and PT failures.
  • Automatic Reset facility.

Salient Features

  • True RMS measurements.
  • Good Demand Management-avoids penalty.
  • 3 phase 3 wire / 3 phase 4 wire programmable at site.
  • Displays : voltage, current, kw, kva, kvar, pf, frequency, instant demand,
  • integration demand, peak demand with time.
  • 4 Relays for alarm and Tripping.
  • Integration period can be set from 1 min to 35 min.
  • Demand monitor and controls either in kw or kva (selectable at site)
  • Suitable for all type of loads – Sliding / Fixed interval.
  • Low power factor monitoring with alarm indication.
  • 9 different time slots per day programmable at site.
  • Day wise Power Holiday option.
  • Alarm and Total Demand Programmable at site.
  • Auto / manual facility for Trip reset.
  • Import and Export measurement.
  • Failure Indication with alarm.
  • Jumbo display connectivity for selected parameters (Instant demand, Integration deamd, total kw, total kva,
  • Power Summing from all transformers.
  • Energy Setting for Individual Slots.
  • Communication facility with computer.
  • Date wise 5 Power Holiday option in computer.

Technical Specifications

ParameterMaximum Demand Controller
Input and output ratings:
Voltage inputPhase to Neutral - 300V max. Line to Line - 700 V max.
Current input5.5 A maximum for 5 A CT.
1.1 A maximum for 1 A CT.
Aux.Supply90V – 230V AC or DC, 50Hz.
Outputs1 relay output for alarm control.
3 relay outputs for demand control (Load tripping)
Display16 Character 2 Line alphanumeric LCD with back light
Relay outputContact rating - 1 Amp at 220V AC.
NO-C- NC potenti al free contacts.
Sensing / MeasurementTrue RMS, One second update Time, Phase, Total Power and Energy
Display16 char acter 2 line LCD display with backl ight.
Dimen ional details:
Panel cu t out185mm X 125mm
Overall Dimension215mm (W) X 140mm (H) X 1 00mm (D)
Instrument weight1.550K g.


  • Current (Amps)
  • Voltage (Volts)
  • Power factor – PF
  • Active power – KW
  • Apparent power – KVA
  • Reactive power – KVAR
  • Frequency – Hz
  • Demand in KW / KVA
  • Active energy – KWHr
  • Apparent energy – KVAHr
  • Reactive energy – KVARH
  • Reactive energy – Inductive – KVARH – L
  • Reactive energy – Capacitive – KVARH – C
  • Peak demand
  • Each slot true energy – between resets and total
  • Each slot apparent energy – between resets and total


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