Power Meter


The PPower Meterower Meter can be used in single- phase and three phase systems. The Power Meter is used to monitor the Real Power – KW (Import and Export), apparent power – KVA (Import and Export), Current – Amps, Voltage-volts, Energy (Import and Export), Power Factor, Frequency and Average power factor

Model: Programmable Energy Meter PEM – 01



  • Star/Delta Programmable
  • Universal Auxiliary supply(85-300V)
  • RS485 communication (Indus and MODBUS protocol)
  • Detection of PT and CT failures
  • Compact size and weight
  • Universal PT (85-500V)and CT (1A or 5A) input
  • 6 digits, 3 row LED Display with user configurable display
  • Password protection for unauthorized settings

Salient Features

  • True RMS measurements.
  • 3 phase 3 wire / 3 phase 4 wire – programmable at site.
  • Displays: Voltage, Current, kw (phasewise and total), kva (phasewise and total), kwhr (phsewise, slotwise and total), power factor, frequency, Runtime (slotwise and total).
  • Six different Time slot settings- programmable at site.
  • Import / Export facility.
  • PT and CT primary Programmable at site.
  • Failure message indication.
  • Helps to identify the location of energy loss..
  • Communication facility with computer.

Technical Specification

ParameterPower Meter
Input Voltage
(Phase to Phase)
500 V RMS (max)
Current5A / 1A
Aux.Supply85V to 300V AC
AccuracyClass 1
Display5 Digit, 3 Line super bright LED display
Burden0.1 VA Typical
Dimensions96mm x 96mm x 100mm
Panel Cutout90mm x 90mm
KeyboardFeather touch keyboard


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