Power Monitor

      The Power Monitor can be used in single phase and three phase systems. It can be used to monitor Voltage, Current, Frequency, Power, Power Factor and Energy.


  • True RMS measurement.
  • Three phase voltage (Line and Phase), Three phase current, Real Power – kW
    (Phase wise and Total), Apparent Power – KVA (Phase wise and Total), Reactive
    Power – KVAR (Phase wise and Total), Power Factor (Phase wise and total), Real
    Energy – KWHR, Apparent Energy – KVAHR, Reactive Energy – KVARHR can be
  • Can be used in 3 phase – 3 wire or 3 phase – 4 wire systems.
  • Programmable Time Of Day (TOD).
  • Real and Apparent energies can be monitored for each TOD.
  • Automatic TOD changeover.
  • Password protection.
  • Low PF monitoring and Control.
  • Programmable relay output either for PT fail or CT fail or Low PF.
  • Auto scrolling option with programmable scrolling parameters.


The Power Monitor is an equipment that displays instantaneous Current, Voltage, PF, Frequency and Power (Active, Reactive and Apparent). In addition to measuring all fundamental electrical parameters, it also monitors and indicates the failures of CT’s and PT’s.

The day can be split into a maximum of 6 non-overlapping time slots. These slots are called as Time Of Day (TOD). Real and Apparent Energy can be monitored for each TOD separately for a day and between resets.

Current drawn by the load in AC power systems generally lags behind the applied AC voltage. Larger the lag more is the current required to supply a given amount of power. Power Monitor can be programmed to energize an alarm whenever the Power Factor reduces below the set limit.

ParameterPower Meter
Voltage inputPhase to Neutral -> Max 265V (3 Phase 4 Wire)
Line to Line -> Max 130V (3 Phase 3 Wire)
Current input5.5A maximum for 5A CT.
Auxiliary supply220V AC ± 20%, 50Hz.
Relay outputContact rating -> 1 Amp at 220V AC.
C - NO - NC potential free contacts.
Display16 character 2 line LCD display with backlight.
Dimensional details
Panel cut out137mm X 137 mm
Overall Dimension144mm (L) X 144mm (H) X 97mm (D)
Instrument weight8 Kg.


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