Production and Energy Monitor – Spinpro E9


The Spinpro – E9 is a speed programmer and controller with energy monitor for spinning machines. The speed changeover is done based on the length of the yarn produced. Spinpro – E9 helps to improve the production and also reduces the end breakages. Energy measurement helps to optimize the production with energy consumption.

Salient Features

  • Production in Hanks (shift wise and total), production in Kg (shift wise), Spindle Speed, delivery speed, Production rate, TPI, TPM, Runtime and Downtime (shift wise and total) can be monitored.
  • *Voltage, current, frequency, Power factor, Total KW, Total KVA, Unit/Kg (shift wise), Energy consumption (shift wise and total).
  • Ring rail / CAM position can be sensed to start new doff.
  • Ten speed patterns can be preprogrammed for different counts.
  • Speed pattern can be set up to 25 steps.
  • Password protection to avoid unauthorized settings.
  • Programmable compulsory slow speed and time.
  • Programmable delay time for power on slow speed.
  • **Programmable acceleration / deceleration time reduces yarn breaks [only for inverter drive type].
  • Pre Doff and final Doff indication.
  • Centralized computer control through RS485 communication.
  • TPI / TPM setting facility.
  • Special program for ring traveler with maximum of 5 steps.
  • External switch is available to run the machine in compulsory slow speed.
  • Shift wise and total doff can be monitored in view menu.

Technical Specifications:

ParametersSpinpro – E9
Input and output ratings:
Input supply voltage 90 – 260 V AC, 50Hz.
Current consumption 50 mA (Max).
Inputs Inductive type proximity switch 3 numbers
Rating of the proximity Switch 12v DC, 40mA, NPN type
Output 3 Nos of Potential free Contacts (NO, COM, NC)
1 Potential free Contacts (NO, COM)
Relay contact ratingC-NO-NC potential free contacts. 1A at 230V AC.
Dimensional details:
Panel cut out 145mm X 85 mm
Overall Dimension160 mm(L) X 104mm(H) X 150mm(D)
Display:16 character 2 line LCD display with Backlight.


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