Indus Electronics has developed the Production monitoring and control systems of various textile machinery from Blow room to Winding for textile mills and Power and Energy Monitoring Equipments for various industries like Wind Mills, Thermal plants, textile industry, etc., to manage and conserve Energy. We have strong R & D department to develop customised electronic equipments

  • Energy Monitoring Equipment ( 8 Articles )
    Indus Electronics manufactures Power and Energy monitoring equipments and control systems to manage and conserve energy. The energy monitoring systems are developed to communicate with the computer. The reports are generated with a single click and thus managing power is made easy
  • Production Monitoring systems ( 7 Articles )
    Indus Electronics manufactures Production monitoring equipments for Textile industry which increases the production. The production monitors are developed for Blow room, Carding, Drawing, Comber, Simplex, Spinning, TFO machines, Ring frames, etc., and to suit almost all makes & brands of Textile machines like Textool, lakshmi Reiter, NMM, MEI, Texmaco, etc.,

Our Services

Indus offers a professional service , which is very important to all customers. Indus has a highly skilled service engineers and technicians who provide efficient service in the field of mechanical, electrical and electronics. We offer:

  • Electronic product design and development services
  • Energy management and control
  • Production Monitoring
  • Weighing automation
  • Embedded systems – Both Hardware & Software
  • PLC based automation

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