Power Analyzer


Power Analyzer is intended to measure the electrical parameters like Voltage, Current. Real Power, Reactive Power, Power factor and Energy. Also the transients and disturbances can be captured and analysed. Import and Export energy are recorded separately. All the parameters can be transferred to Computer for storage and analysis.

Salient Features

  • RMS fvleasurernentof voltage and Current
  • Displays Voltage; Current, Kw (Phasewise & Total), KVA (Phasewise &Total), KVAR (Phasewise & Total), Power Factor (Phasewise &Total), Frequency, KWHR (Phasewise & Total) Import I Export, KVAHR (Phasewise & Total), KVARHR (Phasewise & Tota.I), Total KVARHR – I, Total KVARHR – C.
  • Phasor Diagram.
  • All parameter recording facility.
  • Programmable Interval period selection faci I ity.
  • Password facility
  • PT programmable at site.
  • CT programmable at site.
  • 3 Phase 3 wire (or) 3 Phase 4 wire technique selectable at site.
  • Multi tasking activities to save tine like viewing real time values. phasor diagram while logging data in the background.
  • Transfer all recorded data to a PC in off-line mode.
  • Export. data to Excel and Pdf format.

Technical Specifications

ParameterPower Analyzer
Voltage Measurement3.0Volt to 300Vrms EL-N) 520Vrrns (L-L)
Current Measurement3.0A to 300A
Communication portUSB
DisplayColour LCD Display with resistive . touch screen (800x480 dots)
Memory8 MB
Battery Charger411,2V, 2800NIMi1 rechargeable battery (AA)
Dimension220mm x 110mm x 80 mm (d)


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