Ring Disc Variator Drive for Spinning Machine


Salient Features

  • Improves production by 5-15%
  • Ring Disc Variator Drive
  • Works with all types of Ring Spinning Machines
  • Spindle speed can be easily varied from 8,000 rpm to 22,000 rpm
  • Maintains programmed spindle speed for frequency /voltage variations
  • Computer networking facility helps to manage speed/ production effectively
  • Low payback period
  • Speed Variation can be achieved in 25 different steps based on yarn length
  • Speed pattern can be pre – programmed for nine different counts
  • Programmable slow speed facility
  • Pneumatic cylinder speed control technique helps to start the machine always at
  • minimum speed – so less breakages
  • Only one motor required for full speed range
  • RS 485 serial port to connect with computer

Systems Configurations

  • 2 Sets of Aluminum Alloy variator disc with pneumatic control for actuator assembly
  • Variator belt
  • Spinpro – 9A Electronic Unit with Sensors

Spinpro – 9A Displays

  • Length of the yarn
  • Spinpro – 9A Displays
  • Production in Hanks (Shiftwise & Total)
  • Spindle speed (rpm)
  • Production rate (Mtrs/min)
  • Twist per inch (TPI)
  • Machine run time in hours
  • Down time (Shiftwise & Total)

Technical Specifications

ParametersSPINPRO - 9A
Spinpro - 9A supply voltage220V AC ± 10% 50 Hz
KeyboardFeather touch membrane type
DisplayAlphanumeric - 2 lines LCD display
Air requirementMoisture free air with pressure 6 - 7 bars


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